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How business networking can boost sales: A lesson from the music industry

Fans auf einem Konzert als Vergleich für Fans in der normalen Wirtschaft
How business networking can boost sales: A lesson from the music industry

The title of this article perfectly reflects the USP of my workshops and presentations, which I have been conducting for years. With the following text, I would like to provide some insights into what lies behind it.

Business Networking is ideal for boosting sales and generating new business opportunities. By building and nurturing relationships, you can reach potential customers, build trust, and ultimately influence the sales process positively. Business Networking and relationship-building are crucial steps in the sales process, and maintaining existing customer relationships is highly relevant throughout the customer lifetime journey.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how Business Networking supports sales and explore strategies you can apply to make the most out of your network. The insights from the music industry, where contacts and customers ideally transform into highly engaged fans, offer a valuable comparison. Having written my doctoral thesis on identity-oriented artist development and worked in the industry for over 10 years, I know how well this knowledge transfer aligns with Business Networking.

Let's get started! Here are 4 tips:

Tip 1: Building Trust and Referrals

The music industry is a prime example of how building trust and referrals can drive success. Artists establish personal relationships with their fans by giving them insights into their lives and music. This trust not only leads to music purchases but also encourages fans to strongly identify with the artists, buy additional products, and actively encourage their social networks to do the same. Similarly, companies can build trust through Business Networking by presenting themselves as trustworthy and amiable partners, thereby gaining additional purchases and referrals from others.

Tip 2: Collaborative Partnerships

The music industry also demonstrates how strategic collaborations can boost sales. When artists come together to produce joint projects, concerts, or albums, they can leverage the existing fan bases of both sides. Through these collaborations, they not only reach new fans but also create a unique experience for their existing followers. Companies can pursue a similar strategy by networking with complementary businesses and engaging in joint sales activities. During a delegation trip to the USA, for example, I connected two business people in San Francisco who had a very pleasant exchange and are now planning to collaborate.

Tip 3: Acquiring New Customers

The music industry excels at acquiring new fans. With an overwhelming abundance of music available, it's essential to establish strong emotional connections with music consumers to maintain their loyalty beyond the next track on their playlist. Artists use concerts, festivals, and social media to reach potential new fans. By showcasing their music and personality, they appeal to people who share their emotions and values. Similarly, companies can employ a similar tactic to attract customers and partners who not only may be interested in their products or services but also resonate with them on a personal and emotional level.

Tip 4: Customer Retention and Care

The music industry understands the importance of customer retention and care. Artists stay in touch with their fans through social media, newsletters, and events. They create a community around their music and reward fans for their loyalty. Similarly, companies can follow similar approaches by regularly interacting with customers, providing exclusive offers, and building personal connections. Loyalty is a valuable asset that can significantly support sales.


Business Networking is an effective strategy for boosting sales and generating business opportunities. The music industry offers valuable insights into transforming contacts and customers into highly engaged fans. By building relationships, establishing trust, and leveraging networks, you can reach potential customers and foster long-term business relationships. Harness the diverse possibilities of Business Networking to enhance your sales success and propel your company forward. Let yourself be inspired by the music industry and create an emotionally connected fan base for your business.


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