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Step by step to successful business relationships

18 Lessons via Email

tamanguu owner Johannes shares his step-by-step best practices for business networking and in building valuable business relationships.

Perfectly actionable

Each class includes instant actionable tips including suitable templates and examples.

Individual Advice

Take advantage from the individual conversation with the tamanguu owner Johannes as additional value of the classes.

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Information about the Master Class and your Host

In this masterclass, Dr. Johannes Ripken (owner of tamanguu) shares his best practices of building strong business relationships from more than 20 years experience. The tamanguu has developed the application for accompanying the process of business relationship building. Johannes leads the relationship-driven cluster network DiWiSH (digital economy Schleswig-Holstein).


Overview of our Networking Master Class
Networking mindset and habit building. Actionable tips. Useful templates. Best practices insights.

Exclusive, individual support.

The Highlights in detail:

Let your Business Profiles shine!
10 valuable, actionable tips for improving your LinkedIn profile for ideal business networking.

The Value of Conversation Notes
Why conversation notes are useful. How you keep valuable notes. Including a helpful template.

Prepare and have your conversations
Best practices how to arrange, prepare and conduct conversations with important contacts to build a strong business relationship.

Put your Giving Mentality into Action
Some hints how you can help or provide value to your contacts.

Follow Up Process
Actionable tips, how you keep the momentum of your conmmunication alive and lead towards your business goals.

Catching up with important Contacts
How you can revive the communication with your important contacts, even after a longer time of missing interaction.

Knowledge Recommendations on Business Relationship Building
Our best of selection of knowledge resources on business networking and professional relationship building.

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