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6 Tips for Networking at the DiWiSH Networking Summit

Today the Networking Summit of the Digital Week Kiel will take place and as preparation here are some practical tips for networking later on.

1) Define goals

Set goals for the evening! Who do you want to talk to and why? You can't find a complete guest list for this event online, but on you can see who of your Facebook friends is coming or is interested in coming.

2) Have your contacts prepared

Give your contacts a shout and write them something like: "I saw you are joining the Networking Summit today. Let's have a beer/wine/drink and talk a bit".

The advantages behind such a short message:

  • both persons are prepared and keep their eyes open for the other

  • and if the contact cannot come, there is a reason to catch up on the following days.

3) Inform yourself about your contacts

Get a brief update on the contacts. You'd better get in touch if you know what's going on with your contact or if you've remembered what the interests, similarities or experiences of your contact are. To the tamanguu users among you: write the most important information in the notes, so that you don't have to research again at the next conversation.

4) Networking Mindset on!

At the Networking Summit: Networking Mindset on! Giver mentality on! Sales Mindset off! Networking does not mean selling, especially not in the casual environment of the Networking Summit. Use the evening to offer help and replenish your relationship account. You can do business again tomorrow morning.

5) Expand your network

At the Networking Summit: Do not stay in your own swamp of existing contactsv only, but aim to expand your network. This works best if you let your own contacts introduce you to other unknown people. Proactively address your own contact. Or if the contact is in conversation with unknown people, join them and work towards an intro.

6) Keep up!

After the Summit: Stay tuned! As always, the first step is the Follow Up Mail. But the next steps are often lost due to the daily business which takes the attention away from new or warmed up contacts. It's definitely unpleasant for the relationship with the contact if you plan any commitment or collaboration at the Networking Summit and then nothing happens afterwards. By the way: exactly to avert this danger, there is a Follow Up Workflow in tamanguu. Sign up! Try it out! Maintain business contacts better!

I will be there today as well! So get in touch! I am looking forward to some fantastic networking!


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