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Dr. Johannes Ripken - Business Networking Trainer & Speaker

Dr. Johannes Ripken

Business Networking

Trainer & Speaker

How your employees build strong business relationships
through smart networking,
making your business more successful! 


EMBA - Europäische Medien und Business Akademie
IHK Schleswig-Holstein
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University of West London


Ensure the sustainable success of your business as your employees build valuable business relationships with your clients through strong networking skills.


Emotionalise your customers through strong relationships into fans who remain clients and recommend your business to keep orders at a high level.


Allow your employees to take the fast track to internalise the best practices and the right mindset from 20 years of experience in networking and thus to network successfully for your company.

This is true for all industries!

Most business decisions today are made through relationships.


Especially in services, because in this field the product quality cannot be known in advance and the available supply is continuously increasing in our networked, globalised world.


Good business relationships are necessary because customers like to make their own business decisions (no one likes to feel like they've been sold something).


Good business relationships enable your customers to make efficient decisions because they have a pull effect to find a suitable partner (you) for their need. 

The following knowledge and tools will make your employees fit for building valuable business relationships:


Understanding the networking phenomena


Using online and offline networks effectively


Internalising the networking mindset


Planning, preparing and implementing networking ideally


Set the right focus


Building and maintaining business relationships the smart way

Johannes Ripken Business Networking Workshop

Workshops with the mindset and best practices from the digital and music industries

My workshops highlight two essential dimensions: the mindset and the implementation.

Through the ideally two- or multi-part workshops, the business networking mindset is first taught and sharpened.

In addition, the development and maintenance of business relationships is prepared, implemented and brought into continuity in a hands-on manner.

My expertise, my best practices and my knowledge transfer are based on 20 years of experience as a passionate networker in the music and digital industries - both service industries with so-called experience goods.


Service industries are shaped by globalisation, digitalisation, democratisation and complex B2B decision-making processes.


Ergo: good business relationships and a strong network are indispensable for success!

Why networking and business relationship building is not only relevant to managers and salespeople! 

Networking is often associated with the functionaries mentioned -

those on the front lines of business.

The problematic thing here is the focus on the deal, the sale, the mandate, the order, depending on what the deal is called.


The customer journey influenced by networking and business relationships needs to be looked at more holistically.

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Networking and die ability to build and maintain strong business relationships are key competences


for ALL employees


who are in contact with clients and business partners.

How strong business relationships exceed their original purpose!


Creativity and innovation are stronger when you continuously exchange ideas with other people. 


Whether as a trainer, as a speaker, as a cluster leader of the DiWiSH network or as the owner of tamanguu:

I want to anchor this mindset in people's heads and inspire, motivate and accompany people in business networking and business relationship management. 

Business networking and cultivating business relationships is not only essential for business success, but also supports one's own well-being, the quality of cooperation and the continuous expansion of one's own horizons.


Business success is naturally greater when you are "top of mind" with important contacts and are recommended to others.

Life is more beautiful when you work with people and mutual appreciation.



After all, it is not about closing the deal, but:

  • about strengthening the corporate brand, which builds trust,

  • to initiate business without sales pressure,

  • to strengthen relationships with business and media partners,

  • It's about turning customers into highly emotional fans who repeatedly close deals and recommend your company to others.

What major business leaders and other domain experts say about networking and business relationships

Robert Kiyosaki (author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"): "The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work."


Diane Helbig (author, business consultant): "Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come."


Hermina Ibarrai (professor at London Business School, leadership expert): "Networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, the hard part is making it a top priority."


Porter Gale (author): "Your network is your net worth."


Steve Jobs (Apple icon) on continuity and perseverance: "I'm convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance."


Charlene Walters (author): "Networking is a deposit in the bank of your future and in your startup. It won’t happen immediately, but if you do it right, you will continue to
receive its dividends for years
." (even if this quote doesn't fit perfectly in times of 0% interest rates, the statement behind it is absolutely true).

About Dr. Johannes Ripken


More than 10 years as a passionate speaker at business conferences and events


Regularly active as lecturer, trainer, supervisor and coach


Head of the cluster network DiWiSH. Master mind of the web app tamanguu. Business Networking Master Class.


I pass on my expertise in business networking and business relationship management as a speaker in short impulses or longer lectures or workshops.



IHK Kompass (Kiel), Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg), DiWiSH Networking Summit (Kiel), Sonic Visions (Luxembourg), Live at Heart (Örebro, Sweden), Most Wanted: Music (Berlin), c/o pop (Cologne), various corporate and university events.


I am regularly hired as a lecturer, supervisor or consultant to share my experience and knowledge on the topics of business networking, business relationship building and identity-based development of music artists. The latter is worth mentioning here because much of the field feeds into business networking and business relationship building.



Popakademie Baden-Württemberg (Mannheim), The University of West London (UK), Fresenius Hochschule (Hamburg), Macromedia Hochschule (Berlin) and more.

Business Networking Experte
Full-time Networker

Since January 2020, as head of the cluster network DiWiSH (Digital Economy), I have been networking, cultivating relationships, creating cooperations and establishing connections on a daily basis. As the owner and founder of tamanguu, I have been intensively involved with the topic of business networking and business relationship management in recent years. I have spoken with numerous entrepreneurs, self-employed people and managers about their challenges, their business networking and their everyday professional life and have drawn insights from this for my work.



A vital DiWiSH network. The tamanguu web application as a digital assistant for business networking and business relationship management, Business Networking Master Class as a free, email-based further education, tamanguu Networking E-Book as a bonus at the end of the Master Class

Business Netzwerker


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Let's network!

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Dr. Johannes Ripken - Business Networking Speaker & Trainer
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